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    Updated: Oct. 22 (11:01)

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    Action Center

                                    President's Message

      Brothers and Sisters, 

      Save the date for this year’s Annual Enrollment, which kicks off Thursday, Oct. 14 and ends on Friday, November 5.  This is your once-a-year opportunity  to select medical, dental, vision, life insurance and other benefits for yourself and your covered family members for the year to come. Make sure to pay attention to these deadlines so you get enrolled correctly and on time.

      American Airlines has announced that all employees must be vaccinated by November 24 or they will be terminated. There is a medical and religous excemption to qualifing members. It's very upsetting to see some of our members being put in a very bad position. I believe everyone should be able to decide if they want to be vaccinated or not. Unfortunetly the federal government has created this mandate. As the deadline approaches we'll see how this plays out. Please see Jetnet for all the specifics.

      The Allocator decision is in and the Arbitrator has ruled in favor of the American Airlines. The issue was all scope related as to who owns the work. there was some excellent language that came from the decision which states that Allocators assign a Crew and Crew Chief to particular work area, the Crew Chief is responsible for leading, directing and assigning the actual work tasks to be performed by individual crew members (e.g., directing an individual crew member to work in the belly of an aircraft, directing an individual crew member to work the belt loader, or directing an individual crew member, including ABR fleet agents, in their individual work tasks, at multiple aircraft and gates throughout the course of the workday." Management may use an Allocator or other manager to perform this Crew Chief work only where a Crew Chief is not readily available. For example, when operational irregularities or other emergencies render a Crew Chief unavailable. ALLOCATORS ASSIGN THE WORK AREA, CREW CHIEFS ASSIGN THE WORK.

      It's time to bid vacation and it will be in the vacation bidding hub. This may be a bit confusing to some of our members as it will be the first time useing this process. Feel free to reach out to your section chairman for any assistance you may need.

      BE SAFE



      Kevin Sullivan

      President Local 510

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