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    Updated: Jul. 04 (19:01)

    4th of July
    CWA Local 2222
    PA Truck Driving Championship
    Teamsters Local 776
    Cincinnati Electrical Training Center
    Puchala Assumes National Mediation Board Chairmanship
    Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
    Hershey Medical Center Contract Ratification
    Teamsters Local 776
    Week Ending 07/1/2022
    Teamsters Local 355
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      Flight cancellations stressing weary travelers as July 4 approaches

      After a recent trip to St. Louis, Ruth Peebles finally made it back home in Los Angeles. But by the time her plane touched down in Burbank, she had spent $800 on a one-way ticket after her original flight was canceled. She slept on the floor at Salt Lake City International Airport after her rebooked flight also was canceled. Three days after arriving home, her luggage showed up.

      American Airlines’ regional carrier offers pilots triple pay to pick up trips in July

      American Airlines’ regional carrier Envoy Air is offering pilots triple pay to pick up trips for most of next month, an effort the airline says will help it avoid flight disruptions during the peak summer travel season.


                                    President's Message

      Brothers and Sisters, 

      As we move into the summer schedule, it's expected to be the busiest we've had in many years. We all need to make sure we are following procedure, and put safety at the top of our lists. American Airlines is having issues hiring and retaining employees. When new hires come out of training they are not always properly trained. This creates many safety concerns. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Report any concerns you may have immediately. 

      Weather and manpower shortages will drive a lot of overtime, mandatory overtime as well. Tempertures are expected to be extreme. Stay hydrated and make sure you take time to cool down in between flights. Keep an eye on fellow members for signs of heat stress. Your health and safety are most important.

      The By-law vote has been completed in all of our cities, passing overwhelmingly. Our goal is to implement these on July 1st. We also have our elections coming up in October. We need one election committee representative from each city. It's very important to go register on our website to provide your current address. Ballots will be mailed out on October 1st. Please provide your shirt/jacket size also. We will be ordering some items for the membership.

      The attendance policy grievance is moving forward. The arbitration is set for September 20th. American Airlines has been pushing hard on our membership, in some cases unjustly. My hope is we can obtain a fair resolution for our members.

      As always, I ask you all to take care of each other. This environment we are living in right now is like nothing I have ever seen. Mental illness is a thing. If you see someone in need, please reach out EAP is available. I will see you in our cities soon.

      BE SAFE



      Kevin Sullivan

      President Local 510

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