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      American Airlines is soaring out of the pandemic and reclaiming title as world’s largest carrier

      American Airlines is soaring out of the pandemic and reclaiming title as world’s largest carrier   American Airlines has taken the pandemic as an opportunity to reemerge as the world’s largest airline, a title it has traded back and forth with competitors during the last few years as Delta and United expanded their networks.

      Floc Update

      HISTORY IS WRITTEN DURING THE LAST FLOC MEMBERSHIP MEETING Members of FLOC met via ZOOM on April 13, 2021, and held their second-ever board elections. Local’s reported any updates since our last meeting in January. One of the progress updates included some great news.

      President's Message

      Brothers and Sisters, 

      The Association Leadership met in Dallas last week to discuss representation and contractural issues.  We made a lot of progress and our hope is to have the local grievance committees in place as soon as possible.  In the meantime you can be assured that the Association representation we have in place is there for you now.  We will meet again in Chicago on July 14 to continue discussions and to iron out any issues we may have. 

      The allocator arbitration decision should be out by the end of July.  As I have stated in the past, this will be a big decision either way.  I feel very confident that the ruling will be in our favor as we have been performing this work for many many years.  I know there has been a lot of issues with the allocators assignments.  We are continuing to try and work these issues out.

      The bounce back from the pandemic has been overwhelming to American Airlines as well as the Association Membership.  AA has put an unreasonable burden on the Membership with lack of manpower and mandatory  overtime.  I think the Membersip has gone above and beyond to make sure the customer has been taken care of.  It’s what we do, we get the job done.

      In our cities, I will be asking the section chairmen to start resuming Union meetings on a regular schedule that best serves their city.  I would like to say thank you to all of our representatives in all of our cities for the outstanding job they do on a regular basis.  

      We have had a lot of people transferring into CLT with The Membership there growing at a rapid pace.  I’m going to try to schedule a Union meeting in CLT by the end of July to address concerns and to meet the Membership.  My hope is that at some point, The TWU-IAM Association will be holding joint meeting in each city so we can resolve issues that are important to everyone.

      I would like all Local 510 Members to register at our website and download the phone app also, which is available on the website.  We send out push notifications and list breaking news events so that we can keep the Membership informed.

      With the heat of the summer upon us, I can’t stress how important it is that we stay hydrated, take our breaks and be mindful of heat related illnesses.  Be safe!



      Kevin Sullivan

      President Local 510

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